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    Eco Living

    Love is in the air! Sustainable Valentines Gift Guide

    Sustainable gift-giving is a huge thing. Unfortunately, the art of giving is often confused with consuming, and most consuming isn’t done sustainably. Many fear celebrations such as Valentine’s Day and point their fingers at brands for commercialising the day. However,…

  • Eco Living

    Green Talk: Podcast Green Cast World

    Woah, so it’s been a while since I last published anything in this blog! Digital marketing mistake 101 right there. You wouldn’t think that I work on marketing for a living, haha. Anywho, this blog is still part of me…

  • Zero Waste

    7 Ways to a (locked-down) Waste Free Fun Halloween

    Beware, witches! Halloween useless plastic and candy galore time is upon us!  But it doesn’t have to be. As a matter fact, Halloween has never intended to be about buying new things and wasteful little plastic jack o lanterns.   The…

  • Eco Living

    Christmas Presents for the Eco-conscious

    It’s the most wonderful time…. Presents, toys, plastic… ugh. If only there was a way to be festive and prevent single use plastics and more landfills. Oh wait! there is 🙂 Hi eco-friend thanks for popping by if you are…

  • the naturals - book - Plant powered

    Book Review: Plant-Powered Beauty

    Let’s talk about ‘beauty regimes’ do you have one? I read an article the other day by a dermatologist who claimed that we don’t really need half of the products we buy. Our skin naturally fights all the elements every…

  • Natural SkinCare

    Natural Beauty #NoMakeUpDay

    Natural Beauty #NoMakeUpDay I am an advocate for wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful. Whether that is wearing makeup, a cute dress, a bikini, no make up at all, as long as you are comfortable in your skin, and you…