About Me

Hello Eco-warrior!

Hi, my name is J.

Welcome to The Naturals, a new blog by a seasoned blogger. I blogged as OnixJ for seven years while living in Houston, Texas. I had the chance to work with amazing brands such as IKEA, Verizon, and many small and artisanal businesses in the USA. Moving forward, I moved back to the UK and took a much-needed break from blogging.

But writing is my passion and eco-friendly living is embedded in everything I do. So, I am back with a new name, a new blog and a whole new bunch of content ideas.

The Naturals is all about zero waste, eco-friendly, clean and chemical free living. Everything from sustainable fashion to vegetarian recipes, and simple zero waste hacks. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated.

the naturals blog

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Based in South Wales, UK.