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Christmas Presents for the Eco-conscious

It’s the most wonderful time….

Presents, toys, plastic… ugh. If only there was a way to be festive and prevent single use plastics and more landfills. Oh wait! there is 🙂 Hi eco-friend thanks for popping by if you are here it means that either you are a conscious consumer or you are looking for a present for an eco-warrior in your life so thank you for doing your very best to keep the planet a little greener.

Every Christmas we go out there to buy presents for our loved ones and we end-up with things that we don’t use. Which is why the first step in being a conscious consumer is to ask yourself the question ‘Will I or will this person really make good use of this present’? Unlike many other eco-writers I am not here to tell you not to give gifts – Christmas is magical and you can still give gifts to those you love with a few considerations.

  • Aim for wooden toys rather than plastic, if possible.
  • Buy second-hand if available
  • Aim for naturally sourced and fair-trade options.
  • Beware of chemicals used in many commercial perfumes, soaps, and skin care treatments.
  • Gift something that can be used consciously many times, like a reusable straw and wrap in reusable materials like in a reusable produce bag or in waxed paper.
  • Minimise the use of traditional and wasteful wrapping paper.
  • Buy local. I am sure there are many smaller businesses and artisan products near you.

Some of my favourites include:

  • Reusable straws. either metal or bamboo. these come in a variety of colours and sizes (I see you, smoothie drinker) and when bought in packs they tend to come with a little bag and a brush for cleaning. If you are in Cardiff you can find them at Ripple Living or you can buy online.
  • Reusable make up remover pads. These are so versatile and will reduce the amount of disposable cotton you use on a weekly basis. They also come in a little bag for easy transporting when travelling.
  • Bamboo reusable travel cutlery. You can carry these in your bag and use anytime instead of using plastic cutlery when grabbing a meal to go, or while travelling. These are so versatile and also come in kiddie sizes.

  • Make your own little hampers by buying loose tea and reusable tea-bags, travel mugs, and snack pouches. Your eco-conscious commuter will love these for either every day train travel snacking or road trips to the beach.
  • Health product hampers with bamboo toothbrushes, tooth ‘paste’ tablets (bye toothpaste tube) natural essential oils, natural bicarb based deodorant, and chemical free soaps. 

For kids

  • There are so many options out there like wooden toys, reusable water bottles (are so versatile and keep cold drinks colder and warm drinks warmer for longer) snack pouches, felt garlands …
  • Soft toys made with organic cotton
  • Grow Wild grow chart
  • Twig crayons, wax crayons
  • Second hand toys – make sure they come from a smoke-free environment and that have been cleaned throughout – when in doubt clean again with an eco-friendly bleach free anti bacterial.

Remember is all about giving consciously. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you don’t need fancy stuff.

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