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Happy Earth Day

What if, we celebrated Earth Day in the same way we celebrate Christmas? Imagine a world in which every 22nd of April we gifted seeds and plants to each other and we planted them around the world… That is actually a thing that actually some people do, but that sadly is not widely celebrated. But imagine if you had the power to change that? the power to reverse the damage we have done, the power to give our children lush green forests and jungles. The power to swim in clean waters, the power to breathe clean air.

Well, we can.

Small Changes = Big Impact

There are many little things we can all start doing. Never doubt how important your little grain of sand can be.

It’s only one plastic straw, said eight billion people.


Say No to Plastic Straws – When possible. Nowadays there very little excuses to be using single-use plastic, like plastic straws. More and more brands are now offering paper straws, and some very innovative technologies have brought to live coconut and bamboo straws as well as reusable metal straws. Make sure you always carry some with you, they are super versatile and convenient and also quite cheap in the long run.

Recycle! It sounds very cliche, but it is incredible how many people are not recycling. And although recycling is not the answer to all of the pollution problems we have, it is a start. Many councils across the UK have incentives for recycling, and weekly recycling bin collections, which means it is easier than ever. You can also re-use things you buy like those glass jars in which pasta sauces are sold are the perfect way to save other things in your cupboard or fridge.

Buy with intention – Don’t fall in the fad trap. This is very important; there is no point on being eco-friendly if you end up buying a bunch of eco-friendly products just to stack them in your kitchen. Not every product works for everyone. We all have different lives, different commitments and different needs. Study what you need, if you are a coffee drinker get yourself a reusable cup, if you are a water drinker get yourself a reusable water bottle, but you don’t need to kit yourself with every product available. Also, sometimes there are many alternatives already in your home that you can use just as effectively.

Gift consciously. Wrapping paper is such a wasteful thing; however especially when gifting to children, you can still wrap presents using sustainable methods. Wrap with recycled paper, or even using old magazines or newspaper; decorate with beautiful fresh herbs or dry flowers, or recycle old fabrics and use them to wrap your presents.


Remember, small changes make a difference. Whichever way you decide to start is already a win for the future of our planet!

Happy Earth Day! Share your eco-friendly tips and ways to celebrate planet earth with me 🙂 be part of the movement!



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