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Woah, so it’s been a while since I last published anything in this blog! Digital marketing mistake 101 right there. You wouldn’t think that I work on marketing for a living, haha. Anywho, this blog is still part of me and very much embedded in everything I do. However, nowadays, I rely mostly on Instagram and microblogging rather than on this platform, yet, I seem unable to part ways.


If you are still here and still reading, thank you! and welcome to my little blog.


Question for you: do you still find yourself reading blogs, or do you consume your media via other channels? I recently started a podcast with a very dear friend. We live at opposite ends of the world, but we make it work. Green cast World Podcast came to us as an idea to talk about all things green and eco-friendly seen from our eyes. Ideas, tips, products, we talked a little about everything. Currently, we have ten episodes, two of which are in Spanish, but we plan to come back in the fall with more content.

We are not scientists or experts in any (green) field. However, on the podcast, we share our experiences. We talk about navigating our lives through greenwashing, minimizing waste, recycling, and generally living sustainably in our cities (Ana lives in the USA, and I live in the UK).


Knowledge is power. 2020 and 2021 have been challenging. We have endured a global pandemic, the rise of global warming, natural disasters, social disruptions, and political unrest. We have been isolated, scared, and we have had to reevaluate our life choices.


COVID-19 has changed the way we live. The responses to COVID-19 have resulted in increased use of products such as disposable masks and gloves. Unfortunately, it also provoked an increase in the production of certain types of packaging made from long-lasting single-use plastics, causing additional greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions. As a result, we had to rethink single-use plastic production, consumption, and waste management practices in light of the pandemic.


We need to do better. Soon after lockdowns ceased, we started seeing discarded masks and gloves making their way into the oceans and affecting marine ecosystems. Thankfully, however, the green movement is still very much alive. But it will take more than just recycling; it will take more than just using reusable straws. The truth is we need governments and countries to work together in increasing green efforts and aiming for more sustainable economies.


I invite you to join us on the podcast as we discover how to live more sustainably together! The podcast is easy to follow for any age, anywhere, anytime!


And if you have any ideas or suggestions, please leave a comment here or follow Green Cast World on social media


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