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Natural Beauty #NoMakeUpDay

Natural Beauty #NoMakeUpDay

I am an advocate for wearing whatever makes you feel beautiful. Whether that is wearing makeup, a cute dress, a bikini, no make up at all, as long as you are comfortable in your skin, and you are happy then wear it (or not)! The choice is yours, and no one at all should make you feel bad for whatever it is you choose to wear.

No makeup day is “celebrated” across the (Internet) globe on July 21st. It is a day to put down them false eyelashes and mascara and present yourself to the world just how you are — unique, wild, goddess, beautiful. Unapologetically glorious and splendorous, that is you, that is you today and every day… flaunt it, girl!


There is beauty in ‘natural’. Don’t get me wrong; I do love makeup, and some days I cannot leave the house with at least some blush and mascara. However, we need to learn how to love our natural selves more. We forget about nourishing the inner self and let it shine through. Sometimes we have this idealistic image of the world, and we feel that we need to present ourselves in a perfectly polished manner. But you know what? There is beauty in being natural.

Make sure you…

Take care of your skin, both internally and externally. For a healthy glow make sure you stay hydrated, consume enough water and fresh fruit and veg, and you get enough hours of beauty sleep.

Scrub. Our skin is constantly shedding. Make sure you get rid of the old skin by scrubbing once a week. You can make your natural scrub by combining sugar, coconut oil and coffee for an excellent gentle scrub. Or if you are feeling more tropical, why not some olive oil, honey and sugar. This will moisturise your skin and get rid of old skin giving you a natural glow.

Embrace your features. I have a million freckles which I have learnt to love. I mean it’s either that or covering with layers of foundation every day, lol. Embrace your facial features and make them your unique attributes.

Less is more, especially during the summer. Who wants melted sticky faces? No one, trust me. So during the summer take a softer approach to makeup. I am not saying don’t wear any at all; I am saying, go lighter.

And remember sunscreen. Whether you are using makeup or not don’t forget to use sunscreen.

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My favourite skincare products right now are serums and oils. They are concentrated which means a little goes a long way, and they keep my face moisturised and glowing.

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