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Shop Small : The Return of the Local During Lockdown

The Return of the Local

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here, mostly due to the fact I started a new job back in February which initially involved a lot of travelling, followed by a global pandemic lockdown and an avalanche of work to do. I am lucky, I know many people around the world have faced difficulties due to the impact of the lockdown, so I can’t complain about having to work double hard over the last few months.

Living under lockdown hasn’t been easy for everyone. It has changed the way we work, the way we interact with others and the way we shop. It has also caused stress in many families, and thousands have seen their lives change forever. But in the grand scheme of things when the only thing we have to do to help is to stay home, we all have the civic duty to stay indoors for as long as it takes.

Another thing we can do is help the local communities. Rather than spending from big brands, I have diverted to invest in my local farmers, finding a fantastic amount of high-quality products delivered right to my doorstep. I am again lucky; I know this is not possible in all parts of the world. However, in Wales where agriculture is the leading economic driver, we have been able to purchase via social media and websites a vast array of local produce. Everything from Welsh honey from Myrddin Heritage to fresh fruit and veg from Riverford, decadent pastries and fresh sourdough from Ty Melin Bakery and froyo from Eira Frozen Yogurt to name a few.


Communities around the UK have reconnected with their milkmen, their small businesses and the artisans that live in our villages. Perhaps this is the way forward. I am 100% up for globalisation and being part of the European community (Brexit which has been muted under the stress of the lockdown is a very horrible reality that we are still to taste). However, I also understand and have been able to witness the importance of our local small businesses and the high-quality products they make.


I am immensely proud to be part of the Welsh community (adopted since I am not Welsh – but feel Welsh) and I am confident that we will able to come out of the lockdown with a higher sense of pride and support to our Welsh economy.

Thank you, milkmen. Thank you, farmers. Thank you, bakers, butchers, artisans, thank you NHS.

Give your local community a boost!


Where/How to find local near you?

Two words: Social Media.
Check your Instagram; I find this to be the best place to find new brands/products and services. Either by seeing posts, stories or by using hashtags to locate what I am looking for. If you don’t have Instagram a google search of your local area with ‘where to find… near me’ would help you find local businesses as well. Or, ask your friends and family to see if anyone recommends any that they have tried recently.

Let me know if you find anything interesting!



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