Urban Jungle Meets Cafe – Ultimate Heaven for Plant Lovers, Eartha.

If you live in Wales sometimes you might wonder if your jungle dreams will ever become true, I mean, let’s face it Wales isn’t the most tropical of places. However, plant lovers around the Welsh capital can now spend time sipping on chai lattes and tropical vibes at this fantastic little cafe situated in the heart of the city.

Eartha was born from the mastermind of Stephen, who found the concept while looking for a way to grow and heal. Eartha flourished as a social enterprise after Stephen with the help of the Prince’s Trust and a Crowd Funder campaign was able to open Eartha pop-up plant shop last June. Since then it has been a hit, as it turns out being surrounded by plants while drinking coffee with friends (or by yourself like I did, in solitude) is a great way to heal and get away from the city noise.

The best way to describe Eartha is like a little tropical oasis. The day I went there, I was originally at the pub around the corner celebrating my boy’s birthdays, but I am not fond of crowds and noise, so I needed a little scape to recharge. I walked into Eartha because I had been following them on Instagram for some time, and we had purchased a huge Argentinian plant from there before so I knew this was exactly what I needed. It did not disappoint.

The store has a vast selection of tropical plants, cacti and local artisan pieces. While I was there, Stephen (owner) offered help and plant support to multiple people looking for the right plant to take home. Shopping for plants at a place like this is a change from plant shopping at big garden centres. The face to face, one to one approach can be extremely beneficial for new plant owners who might not know what to do or how to pick the right plant for their house/environment.

As mentioned you can also enjoy a nice hot drink, and cake. I went for a Chai Latte, and no cake because again I was heading back to birthday celebrations after this. The chai was the right combination of sweet and spicy and most importantly it didn’t burn my tongue, lol. Everything is served in proper glasses and I am sure if you ask you can have your drinks in you own to-go travel mug (loving the environment and saying no to single use plastic) I was also offered to try a dirty chai, which turns out to be  ‘like a chai but with a shot of coffee’ so hey, there is that too if you want some caffeine with your chai.

The place is just so tranquil and relaxing, mixed with natural finishings and and eclectic modern vibe. So, if you live in Cardiff or plan to visit the Welsh capital anytime soon remember two things. Eat some Welsh cakes, and visit Eartha.

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